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Generation rules

Osm2XP generation rules

Osm2XP 1.1 add a new feature, "generation rules".
In OpenStreetMaps, data are defined by TAGS.
Each tag is a key=value relation, wich gives info about the element.
A forest can be defined by the tag "landuse=forest", a building by "building=yes".
Each item can have more than one tag, for better precision, exemple: "building=yes ; landuse=residential; building:height=25"

Osm2XP can use those tags to generate what YOU want in your xplane scenery.

Osm2XP 1.1 comes packaged with 3 Objects rules, for wind turbines, lighthouses, and water tower.
Here's the generation rule for the wind turbine:

Every time osm2xp will find the "power_source=wind" tag, it will add the openSceneryX wind turbine object (you must use the virtual path)

We're gonna use this area for our tests, there are 8 wind turbines .

Here's the result in xplane :

Now we're gonna change the generation rule, using a different object ( an opensceneryX truck).

And here's the result:

It's a really powerfull feature, wich let you do what you want with osm2XP.
You can even do your own X-Farm scenery with a few clics:

result :

You can use rules on the object, facades, and forest tabs, everything works on the same basic principle : an osm tag for an xplane item.

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